Fort McMurray Mommylicious – Show Information

Fort McMurray Mommylicious – Show Information

Table Setup
If you are unsure of your space & table size please contact us immediately.

Power is only provided if you purchased a space with power already included or paid extra for power.

Swag Bags
Please advise if you will be including promotional items in our swag bags (100 items needed) we will need these 14 days prior to the show. Please note that if you want to place items in these bags they must have some sort of swag attached, if you want clarification on this just let us know. Drop off ends March 19 2017.

Please invite all of your friends to our Facebook event as whichever vendor brings in the most people will win a free table to the next Mommylicious show!!  Please find below poster for you to share!

Mommylicious is committed to Mix 103.7 Radio Ads, Local Print Ads, E-blast to 1000+ past attendees and Paid Facebook Ads. We have contest running for attendees to help bring in more people, we are offering Mommylicious Bucks prizes on Facebook & Radio, see below for more info on this contest.

Vendor Page
Please send us your photos, logo and write up at your earliest convenience.

Day of
Event Set-up Time 8am-9:45am
Doors Open 10am-4pm
Door Prize drop off at the Registration desk between 11am-1pm
Event Tear Down Time 4-5pm

Sales Receipt
These are sent out once a week, if you have no received yours or misplaced it please let us know.

Mommylicious Agreement
If we have not yet received your signed agreement we do require this prior to the show, without a signed agreement we will not be able to provide you with a space on the day of the event.

Door Prizes
Each vendor is required to provide a door prize, the value of the door prize is up to you. The door prize can be a gift certificate or product of your choice. Please ensure you drop off these items at the registrations desk between 11am and 1pm.

Mommylicious Bucks
Mommylicious Bucks is a contest we are running on the Radio and Facebook, the contest will run as follow: Winners will be chosen from people calling into the Radio as well as people who confirm their attendance on Facebook. The winners will be given Mommylicious Bucks, they will use these to purchase items from you, our vendors. The Mommylicious Bucks are to be treated as cash and once you obtain these Mommylicious Bucks you can bring them to the registration desk to exchange them for cash. The purpose of this contest is to get people to the show as well as have them spend money with our valued vendors!

Please remember to pack a lunch or ask us about places nearby.

Thanks so much for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Krista Frayn