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Mama Coach: Before I discovered my love for motherhood I started my career as a paramedic. After years of travels and education I knew I wanted an exciting job helping people in need. I’ve worked in many cities as a paramedic and eventually moved to fort McMurray! Shortly after, I married my husband and went back to school to become a firefighter. I was hired by the fort McMurray fire department where I have worked for 6 years. Between the travels,education, the big move and marriage I was blessed with two amazing boys, Hudson and Forrest. This is when my passion for everything motherhood blossomed. My passion for babies and birth began many years before I had my own. As a small girl the only thing I wanted in my future was to be pregnant and have babies! My 2 year paramedic course had a labour and delivery portion in which I excelled. Science and biology is jam! During my travels to Africa I had the pleasure of delivering many babies. This only fueled my love for labour and delivery.

This fire that started inside me was left to smolder for years as I furthered my career as a firefighter. When I first became pregnant that fire came to life and took off. I have had a C section, a vaginal birth, prolapse bladder, a midwife and a doctor. I have dealt with lip ties, tongue ties, poor latch, late milk production, poor milk supply, topping up, pumping, as well as successful breastfeeding! I’ve dealt with all involved in newborn fussing which then lead to sleep issues and finally sleep training! On top of this experience I have a true passion for decorating nurseries and children’s rooms.

One day during my second mat leave a light bulb went off! Although I love being a paramedic/firefighter my true calling is helping mamas with their own motherhood journey. This is what I’m good at and what I love! This is when I started making every thing official. I became a certified happiest baby on the block educator, Doula and prenatal educator, certified sleep trainer, and certified breastfeeding counselor.

My family lives in Ontario. So like most young families in fort McMurray I didn’t have anyone close enough to help me as a new mother. That’s where my idea of “mama coach” grew from.

Motherhood isn’t easy nor is it instinctive for everyone.
I have personally dealt with many challenges with birth, breastfeeding, sleep etc. I want to take my past experience and some education/certification, top that with a passion for babies and helping other mamas just like me and the mama coach idea was born.